Asterisk Eternity
07 April 2016 @ 01:18 pm
Its been awhile since I post here.

First of all...its April !!!!  even I'm quite sad because time flies so fast but for Arashian April this year is April MAtsuri!!!
After 2 weeks no variety shows, now all will be paid in April.

Sekaimuzu !! 99.9% !! Plus so many magazines !! Matsujun with his fresh hairstyle looks so handsome !! So young !! So fresh!! So cute !! So cool !! So beautiful !! SO PERFECT !!!!

Now I'm working resizing and clearing Arashi pictures for unofficial stuff Arashi Photobook for AFPM. Yeah its quite hishasiburi since I'm editing pictures, My Arashi's lyrics wallpaper also has been awhile since I'm doing it. Its quite challenging for amatur like me want to change pic into high quality version but I will try my best.

I will post some when I'm done with it.
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