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23 July 2016 @ 10:40 pm
Ah, this isn't farewell, y'know 

we'll meet again

Nostalgic songs that reminds me of school era. Miss badly all my friends, teachers and seniors&juniors. Even some said we still can meet~ but it will never be the same with together we live and learn in school and hostel.

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06 March 2016 @ 05:10 pm
Love Letter from Masaki Aiba ....

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01 January 2016 @ 02:52 am
HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Yokoso 2016.

Arigatou Guzaimashita for those who are wish for my birthday. Also thanks a lot for my classmate for celebrate my birthday. Seriously I'm really happy as before I never celebrate with my friends, just with my family.

Thanks a lot Fungis !! I think you'll forget. Hihi. I'm really happy when you called me.
Thanks a lot Sabila !! Thanks for calling me. I miss you badly. I really don't want to stop talk with you.

Thanks a lot for Thaqif. I love you so much!! Thanks for the card . I hope you will grow become the excellent boy.

Thanks for my lovely roomate , you're so sweet. XD

Lastly. Arigatou Umi because gave birth me on this world, also thank you so much Waled as take care of me since child until now. There's many things I owe both of you. I hope we'll become a good Family till Jannah.

Happy Birthday Director-san !! Haha.. Good Luck with Last Hope.

Asu ni Mukatte. Dozou :

I really love the lyrics,

" Put an end to your depression
Burn the extra fat off of your heart "

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30 December 2015 @ 10:28 am

Recently, many things happens but life must be go on. This week there are one day that I feel so dispressed but I'm try to cheer up myself.

Thanks a lot too for Arashi because always cheer me up. ^^V

Arashi Live Tour 2015 JAPONISM has completed their tour. Omedetou to all Arashi's members, Arashi's staff and especially to the professional concert master Matsumoto Jun.

There only one day left in 2015 and we'll going to 2016. There's a lot of memories in 2015 to be treasured.

Otanjoubi Omedetou. Happy 18'th birthday to myself. XD I hope I will be blessed.

Arashi 2016. Yuroshiku Onegaishimasu.

Sunrise Nippon. Dozou.

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21 December 2015 @ 06:14 pm
Last night one of my friends ask me about what will I do if someone badmouthing me.

Hurmm. What will I do? It is absolutely lie if we not feel anything. Of course we will a bit sad.

But it is depends on us how we will reacts. Either in positive ways or negative ways.

One things that I will do is I will read this quotes and react like it said.

I will be with Arashi when I have any problem. Seriously it will makes you forget about all your problems in life. Haha.

Third wallpaper, Horizon's lyrics

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20 December 2015 @ 05:53 pm
Keep Tryin'

Today I have an exam and I'm happy I can answer well.

But life getting busy with many stuff and I keep doing this.

Take the violent storm in both your hands
Summon your courage and let's take off now
The invincible clouds in the sky pass by and fly away

That's right, even tears are energy for tomorrow
Face the future and fiercily break through

Gather the wind in your body and make a storm happen

A.RA.SHI lyrics.

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19 December 2015 @ 03:39 pm
This is my first one. I once said that I still wonder what should I post in this LJ and I think I will post Arashi's song lyrics Wallpaper.

I'm not a professional in photo editing but I will trying to improve my skills. I just use Pxlr. It is the only one I know to handle well. I'm also plan to use photoshop next time but I think it will take some time as I must learn first.

Ashita ni Mukatte. Tracklist in first Album, A.RA.SHI. I love this songs.

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