06 March 2017 @ 12:53 pm
One of my goal achieve without any plan.. XD I'm always decide wanna learn subbing vid yet shame on my self as never take any action. But hey! finally I did it!! 0^◇^0)/

Thanks to my task to present about sign language, I decided to share the clips of Jun encourage the deaf children using sign language during 24hrs tv. As I couldn't found the eng subs for it, I decided to sub it by myself. Millions thanks to Fathi-chan as without her I will never be able to do this! Also big love & big thanks for Sammy & Wanyi for translation..late in middle night I ask them..

Jun's message here are very motivated!! It's really a good word to encourage human being to live to their fullest..

Current Location: PASUM
Current Mood: Full of spirit
Current Music: Sekai no Owari - Holy Forest Remix
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