01 October 2016 @ 10:06 am

J, you really check twitter right~

We have to keep working hard T^T

Mezurashi no emoji dane~
Un!!! We have to give our best!!
Road to final exam..2 weeks left ><

All the best dear my beloved productive concert master!! Best concert producer ever!!
I'm looking forward to new album as well as this upcoming live tour...Ahh..concert goods too!!
someone lend me tons of money

Yes!! I have an image it will be really enjoyable~

Oh, by the way,
I dyed my hair.LOL

XDDD Yesh Yesh..mita yo~ Even tho you said you want to blonde your hair but end up reddish you hair XP
Or you will trouble over your statement "blonde hair show no confidence XDD

I thought I'd give it a try
Omedetou!!! xDD

See you!
See ya!!

Big love and big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sakurainayuki
Current Mood: Amusing
Current Location: Hometown at JB
Current Music: Arashi - Asterisk
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