24 September 2016 @ 06:04 am
Are you happy??  
Y E S ! ! ! ! !

I'm really happy live in this fandom. Before I realize my life keep changes little bit by little bit. First of all of course my connection getting wider. I gain more friends either from my country or from other country. I've met with bunch of amazing peoples and without I'm knowing I've learned many things from them. I'm so happy knowing that!!

Maybe it not necessary to mention this but ARASHI really a best doctor, best counselor, best mom, best dad, best siblings, best family, best buddies, best friends, best boyfriends, best husbands, best healer ever!! Thanks a lot for everything you all have done to my life. Maybe I will not becomes a positive being like now without all of you as well as maybe I don't know how to handle my sadness, my stress, my trouble, my problem without you all!! Not to mention ARASHI only!! because this fandom is really great!! This fandom is really amazing!! This fandom is really happiness as Arashi's fans also such a great creature!!

I'm glad I got to know Arashian~ Without we notice we have bonded together by ARASHI. We knows each other and we start becomes a best buddies ever!! That's really amazing right?? I got sister from this fandom which is I don't know how to describe how really grateful I am meet with her as well as other~

Therefore, ARE YOU HAPPY?

Yes! I am extremely happy!

My Japonism blanket have safely arrived!! Thanks a lot Nayuki nee for all you have done to help me own this!! Big thanks to Sammy too!!

and... and.. I..I..don't know how to describe my 'excitedness', 'happiness', 'gratefullness' when I got this gift from Sammy!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! THIS REALLY MAKE MY LIFE!!
I will treasure this for the rest of my life!!

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