31 August 2016 @ 02:30 pm

Happy Birthday dear baby of Arashi..xD

First of all, thank you so much for being born,thank you for being alive. I'm glad I got to know you. Thank you to let me watching your various side. You're very a nice person in and out. You're really a passionate guy that trigger myself to be a passionate person to. You're a great man that always challenging yourself and keep improve yourself. Matsumoto Jun that always being said as stoic, DoS, Diva, King or other else is an adorable cute guy for me. I really love the moment you give your best then sometimes couldn't make it, I really love when you show your tantrum..xD well its prove that you're human, I really love when seeing your bratty side..xD I really adore you when seeing you doing work. You're really serious when come to it. I really adore how detailed you are in every single things and how you manage to exceed expectation. I really love your concentrate face.

Thanks so much for being an astonishing great concert master.This is the reason I'm falling for you. I cant resist how great you are to come up with various damn amazing stuff. Thank you for being part of Arashi. Thank you Johnny san for accept him. How come you know how great he is by accept him without any audition and personally invite him?? Thank you for always take care of Arashi. I know you're really love Arashi as well as you really love yourself.

When I look at chibi Jun then the current Jun...My thought is "ahhh..you have really grow up..from super cute boy to freaking fabulous gorgeous great man"

Happy birthday Junnosuke!! I wish your happiness from now on..

*sorry for this late post. BTW, I manage to celebrate it yesterday..^^

Here..I compile some of his laughing..xD xD what a cute guy!! XD
Current Mood: happy
Current Location: KUAZ UM
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